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ASC-PTASB Calendar of Events (link). 2019 NAHC : May 5-15
Whitehorse, YT
NAIG 2020 : Halifax

  • Jul-5-2018: Tom Longboat National Awards 2018 – Apply today ! (PDF-File)
  • Jul-4-2018: NAIG 2020 – CEO job posting (external link)
  • Jun-28-2018: NEW - Calendar of Events - click on the Calendar icon above.
  • Jun-27-2018: 2018 Masters Indigenous Games Schedule (External Link).
  • May-31-2018: Just Released - A Common Vision for Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Living in Canada (Link).
  • May-16-2018: Congratulations to ALL the 2018 NAHC Teams! (PDF-File).
  • May-12-2018: Shout out from Hockey Night in Canada to 2018 NAHC Champions (video file).
  • May-12-2018: 2018 NAHC final results (PDF-File).
  • Who is the Aboriginal Sport Circle? (PDF-File).