2020 NAIG Bid Process - Reopened

November 1, 2017

On behalf of the North American Indigenous Games Council, I am announcing that the bid process for the 2020 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) has been reopened.

Attached is the 2020 NAIG Bid Procedures Manual. It outlines the processes from which an interested city, community or organization within Canada can bid to host the Games. The Manual provides the major milestones that must be met by all bidders and expectations after the games are awarded. The 2020 NAIG Bid Procedures Manual also includes reference material such as hosting standards, contractual milestones, Governing Rules, and Sport Technical Packages.

A 2020 NAIG Bid Committee has been convened. This committee has direct oversight of the bid process and will advise all host candidate cities of the bid evaluation process.

Inquiries should be directed to Angela Soulor, NAIG Bid Committee Chair at asoulor@moheganmail.com. Angela Soulor will coordinate all communications on behalf of the 2020 NAIG Bid Committee.

I want to extend my best wishes to all interested parties and I look forward to our journey towards announcing a host for the 2020 North American Indigenous Games.



Sincerely,Rick Brant

2020 NAIG Bid Procedures Manual November 2017


Appendix A - Sample Agreement to Undertake

Appendix B - General Code of Conduct

Appendix C - NAIG Hosting Standards

Appendix D - NAIG Contractual Milestones

Appendix E - NAIG Hosting Agreement

Appendix F - 2017 NAIG Governing Rules

Appendix G - 2017 NAIG Sport Technical Package